Our Services

Deep Cleaning

Have you just moved into a new house or office building? Or getting you an AirBnB ready for new tenancy? We know cleaning can be overwhelming, but Casa Linda Cleaning Service is here to do the job for you. A deep cleaning generally takes more time than a standard cleaning, but rest assured, all the ceilings, countertops, washroom and cabinets, and every aspect of the property are flipped over to provide you with a spotless and shiny property.

We guarantee that you will be perfectly safe as we wipe out all the dust, dirt, bacteria or any unhealthy health hazard. Our experienced team disinfects and sanitizes every aspect of the place. Book an appointment today and enjoy the remarkable results of our professional deep cleaning service.

Standard Cleaning

Are you one of those souls who require a spotless place whenever they walk into their home and office? However, with the hectic routine, even basic cleaning seems daunting.

That’s where we come in! Casa Linda Cleaning Service does all the basic cleaning, the perfect option to keep your place neat. Opt for standard cleaning weekly or every 3 days, whatever suits you; we are here to make it work. Now you never have to worry about dirt or webs at your place because, with standard cleaning, we will keep the site tidied up.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Shifting in and out of a new place is a difficult task! Settling in and making a home all over again takes work. However, the one thing that we can take off your mind is the moving in and out cleaning.

Leaving the place spotless will help you get the deposit back from the landlord. Our experts would thoroughly clean up all the rooms, throw out any unwanted items and clean up all the spills and surfaces.

Furthermore, once you’re moving in, all you have to do is unpack the boxes, as our team will provide you with a spotless place, taking the cleaning stress off your shoulders!

The floors would be spotless, all washrooms deeply cleaned, the rooms sanitized, washing, vacuuming, scrubbing; you name it, and all would be done.

Now you can focus on the task that matters, and no need to get your hands dirty as that’s our job. Don’t be stressed out that you’re moving- with the professional cleaners by your side, everything will be sparkling clean.

Rental Cleaning

Got a vacation home that you put up for rental? Or getting an Airbnb and condo ready for new tenants. The competition for rentals is high, so we’re allowing you to stand out and provide your customers with an exceptional rental property by cleaning it.

Who doesn’t want a new, spotless, and tidy home? Make a great impression and take great pictures of the place once we leave the property sparkling with our rental cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning

At Casa Linda Cleaning Service, we proudly offer top-quality commercial cleaning services designed to meet your unique business needs. Our friendly and professional approach goes beyond simply cleaning your commercial space. Our dedicated team of expert cleaners understands the importance of a clean and tidy workplace in leaving a lasting impression. We clean all property, whether an office or rental place and handle the project with utmost care and attention to detail. Trust Casa Linda Cleaning Service to deliver exceptional results tailored to your requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can elevate you with a space that shines and impresses you.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is vital as a clean and shiny place makes the employees productive and happy. When it comes to office cleaning, Casa Linda Cleaning Service is your go-to solution for exceptional office cleaning! We take pride in delivering top-notch cleaning services that sparkle your workplace and create a refreshing atmosphere for your team. Our friendly team of dedicated professionals is committed to going the extra mile, leaving no corner untouched. From dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing and organizing, we handle it with meticulous attention to detail. 

Imagine your employees’ joy when entering an organized and sparkling office daily, knowing that our reliable team has worked their magic. We understand that a clean office sets the stage for productivity and success. Let us transform your workspace into a spotless haven that boosts productivity and inspires greatness.


We are professionals offering disinfecting services at unbeatable prices for your home or business. At Casa Linda Cleaning Service, we have made it our ultimate aim to provide a safe and healthy environment to our customers who are looking to disinfect and deeply sanitize their places. Having viruses, bacteria or germs lurking around the place can be annoying and harmful to your health.

With our disinfecting service, you can count on us to elongate all harmful bacteria or viruses. Got children or pets at your place? We understand that they are sensitive. That’s why we refrain from using toxic and strong chemicals that can harm their health. We use an odourless, scentless, and chamfered disinfectant that won’t hurt you even by touching the disinfected surface.

Post Construction Cleaning

Congratulations on completing your construction project! Enjoy your achievement, and no need to worry about the mess, as Casa Linda Cleaning Service is here to take care of the post-construction cleanup. We understand construction projects can leave a mess, from debris and dust to stubborn stains. That’s where we come in! We will transform your construction site into a new and ready-to-use space. From removing construction dust to polishing surfaces and sanitizing, we handle it all efficiently and effectively. Contact Casa Linda Cleaning Service today, and let us put the finishing touches on your construction project with our exceptional post-construction cleaning services.